Reed Jules Oppenheimer Foundation


Janada L Batchelor Foundation for Children is an organization focused on the protection and support of Orphaned females in the East African country of Tanzania. JBFC supports 45 female orphans, 60 + staff and a school of between 260-300 local children. RJOF has aided JBFC in developing its perennial food system, centered on the principles of Permaculture. In order to feed and provide for such an extent of people, a perennial agriculture system became necessary for JBFC, allowing a greater abundance of food and nutrient security. The success of the JBFC model has allowed for the organization to be invited to start a second Campus in a different region of Tanzania. Through its involvement in JBFC, RJOF has truly realized the benefit of Permaculture both domestically and internationally.  Click here for more information.