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About Us

The Reed Jules Oppenheimer Foundation (RJOF) is a private not for profit corporation founded in 2012. It is the successor of several family foundations through which Reed and Gabrielle Oppenheimer and their children, Sophie, Eric, Meaghan, and Luke have supported a multitude of charitable causes since 1982. RJOF supports a broad range of poverty alleviation initiatives within the United States and internationally, including those that focus on food security, education, environmental sustainability, economic development, and social justice through increased awareness programs, wildlife conservation, Agroecology, tree-planting, micro-finance, and personal empowerment strategies. Either directly or in partnership with other leading organizations, family members employ a broad range of experience in the areas of sustainable development and human empowerment, supporting programs in Bangladesh, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Paraguay, Tanzania, Uganda, the United States, and Vietnam.


Our mission is to partner with nonprofit organizations through grant-making and capacity building in an effort to create a world that nurtures human potential and environmental health.


We envision a world in which people realize their capacity for being responsible for themselves, and the planet.

Reed Jules Oppenheimer Foundation