Chiapas International

Chiapas International is a non-profit organization that provides funds to help break the cycle of poverty in Latin America. These loans provide seed capital to women to start self-sustaining businesses in their local communities. Since its inception... read more

Grameen Foundation

In 1997 Reed founded and served as the first Chairman of the Grameen Foundation USA in support of Muhamad Yunus, (Noble Prize - 2006) and his work with the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh to help the world’s poor address their own unique needs... read more

Institute for Environmental Innovation

The Institute for Environmental Innovation (I4EI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the utilization of technology to address abject poverty and deforestation. I4EI is a funding mechanism for The International Small Group and Tree Planting... read more


MainSprings (formerly the Janada L Batchelor Foundation for Children) is an organization focused on the protection and support of vulnerable girls in Tanzania. They employ a holistic model with five pillars, including Education, Refuge, Healthcare... read more

The Jane Goodall Institute

Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) specializes in wildlife conservation, by engaging and empowering local communities to be shepherds of the environment.  Reed worked directly with Jane Goodall to launch a worldwide network of educational programs for... read more


JustHope forms partnerships between organizations in North America and three poor communities in Nicaragua to demonstrate how long-term partnerships grounded in solidarity, mutuality, and collaboration hold the key to combating extreme poverty... read more

Land Legacy

Land Legacy (LL) is a conservation group located in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Through the use of conservation easements, Land Legacy focuses on the preservation of natural spaces, farm and ranch land, and riparian areas. RJOF has worked with LL for... read more

Moises Bertoni Foundation

The Moises Bertoni Foundation has been given the guardianship of 750,000 acres of land, 160,000 acres of which is natural rainforest in Paraguay. Sophie, Eric, and Luke are starting a program there utilizing permaculture techniques to help... read more

Trees For Life

Reed has been on the board and actively participated in the objectives of Trees for Life for over 32 years. TFL has empowered poor villagers to plant over 200,000,000 trees in India and Central America. Through a powerful networking program they... read more

The Valley Foundation

The Valley Foundation (VF) is dedicated to promoting the benefits of Agroecology as a means to restore and preserve the environment while sustaining mankind. Recognizing that poverty is one of the greatest destructive forces... read more

Reed Jules Oppenheimer Foundation

Projects and Partners

RJOF has partnered in various ways over the years with many outstanding organizations. Listed here are select projects with whom we have or have had longstanding relationships.     

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