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Land Legacy

Land Legacy (LL) is a conservation group located in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Through the use of conservation easements, Land Legacy focuses on the preservation of natural spaces, farm and ranch land, and riparian areas. RJOF has worked with LL for over 10 years to protect ranch land and popularize LL’s mission.  RJOF has facilitated several Play and Preserve events at a privately held ranch, under conservation easement, to spread the mission of LL and bring people together in a space permanently protected by their federal easement. Conservation easements provide lasting protection from development, in and around urban centers. In many cases easements are utilized to develop wildlife conservation corridors and increase open space in light of urban sprawl. The protection of open space and utilization of Permaculture is something that RJOF is particularly focused on in the state of Oklahoma. Eric has worked with LL on land assessments and baseline studies.  Click here to visit their website.